November  5, 2015
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Why you should buy kindle.
Kindle is the best thing that ever happened. In case you don’t really know about it, Kindle is an e-book reader that looks almost like a normal tablet or iPad. However, it is specially designed for a very easy reading experience.
There are lots of reasons why you need to buy a Kindle
1. You Love Reading
Our love for reading arises from many sources. Reading enables us to gain knowledge by seeing new information. It enhances our creativity and provides us the satisfaction of escaping truth by becoming submerged in another world. We get to experience another world from the viewpoint of the character. Reading is an important part of our lives; it reveals our world and is the source for good education.
The number one vital reason for purchasing a Kindle is for your love of reading. If you like reading then a Kindle is a cheap way to support your hobby. Compared to smartphones and tablets, a Kindle is a device committed to providing an awesome reading experience. It gives you an easy reading experience that you can’t get with a smartphone or tablet.
2. Access Millions of Books
You get access to numerous books. Amazon has a big extensive library with full Kindle help. Not merely do you have access to Amazon’s large Kindle Store, but you can read common newspapers every day. Kindle has 4 GB of storage, which is able to store a large number of ebooks. A great benefit the Kindle has over common books is its capacity to carry a lot of books. Imagine carrying one thousand books compared to carrying a Kindle.
3. You Want to Reduce Eye Strain
Reading a long time on a smartphone, tablet, or computer can cause eye strain. Eye strain may lead to physical fatigue, red eyes, and eye twitching. Brightness and improper lighting on your pc or smartphone display can be the cause of eye strain. The display on Amazon’s Kindle is specially created to reduce glare. In contrast to mobile screens, Kindle does not emit light. It is designed for a very comfortable reading experience.
4. Internet Access Everywhere You Go
Whether you are using Wi-Fi hotspots or 3G, the Kindle gives you immediate access to the internet everywhere in the world. Once you discover new books, you can have them instantly. It is like having a library in your back pocket. As you browse, you can sample through as much as 10% of the book before making your purchase. And if you love the book, you can make a buy with just one click.
5. Remove common Distractions
As most books are becoming electronic, a lot of people have start reading their books on their smartphones. While smartphones are handy and ideal for occasional reading, its multi-functioning features can cause a lot of distractions while you read. The worst thing to happen is becoming submerged in your reading just to be distracted by an incoming call, email message, or a Facebook pop-up. These distractions do not enable you to genuinely read and digest the knowledge or enjoyment from the experience.
In order to stay involved while reading and remove distractions, then buying a devoted e-reader is the best option. Compared to a multi-functional smartphone, an e-reader’s only function is to provide an outstanding reading experience.
6. It’s Similar to a Book
All fonts are modified at a pixel level to operate like a real book. The font is properly calibrated with sharp dark text that helps improve readability. You can add notes to the margin of all your pages. And also edit, delete, or even send notes to other devices. With it is built in feature, Page Flip, it is easy to flip through pages and chapters without losing your place.
7. It has Advanced Features
There are several benefits that make the Kindle similar to a book, but it also includes advanced features. The Kindle has an in-built dictionary from the New Oxford American Dictionary to provide quick definition look-ups while you read. You can easily translate foreign words or outlined sections using Kindle’s integrated Bing Translator. Using Whisper sync technology you can synchronize your last page read and annotations across all your devices.
X-Ray lets you discover common passages from the whole book that other readers have underlined. Passages include useful ideas, fictional characters, or topics of interest. You can share outlined sections with your family and friends on social media.
8. Access Large Collection of Ebooks for Free
There are a large number of titles that is available totally free of charge. Most of these titles are books that have slipped off from the public domain, but there are numerous self-published books available. There are also a lot of free classics available.
9. You can Sample Prior to Buying
One of the best things while browsing a book store is sampling pages from books before making your order. Amazon has a massive extensive library of samples. You can download and sample up to 10% of a book before purchasing.
10. it’s a Perfect Travel Companion
Keep yourself busy and engaged while traveling. Whether you are travel alone or waiting in transit, a Kindle is the ideal companion to keep you happy. You can charge your Kindle prior to when you travel and avert bringing extra cables. Bring greater than you can actually read and if you’re lacking something, download it straight to your Kindle from anywhere in the world.
11. You like Customization
Kindle provides a number of choices to customize your Kindle to make it really yours. You can develop your reading knowledge by choosing a font ideal for you. Or selecting from a selection of font sizes to be easier to read small text. The same cannot be said about physical books. If you like customization, then a Kindle is good for you.
12. Overheating.
For a tablet computer, one of the iPad’s several charms is that it’s completely silent. It has no lover. However, in direct sunlight, in a hot car or in hot weather, an iPad can overheat and turn off. The Kindle is more heat-friendly.
13. Security.
The iPad is an attractive target for thieves. If you’re will do some reading at, say, the beach, the Kindle is greatly superior, not only because of the way it works in sunlight and heat, but also because it’s unlikely to be stolen. If you are planning to keep your reading device under a towel and take a drop in the water, well, you’re just not going to do that with your glowing new iPad.
14. Battery life.
The iPad is well known for long battery life. I individually get about 12 hours of effective use. But the Kindle battery takes two weeks! If you are traveling, camping or flying from Idaho to India, or if you are in any circumstance where you are going to be off from an electric outlet for over 12 hours, you can do your reading on a Kindle and save your iPad’s battery for other activities.
15. Book availability.
If you are a real reader, you are will need an Amazon Kindle account anyway. This is not a solid dispute in favor of having Kindle hardware, since you can read Kindle books on the iPad app. But you cannot cope with the iBooks outlet alone. Since I purchased my iPad, none of the non-classic books I have attempted to buy have been available on iBooks but there are been available on Amazon.
16. Magazine availability.
The iPad is a specially persuasive platform for magazines. But for now, the Kindle software has the best selection. Kindle provides what I think are the 3 best magazines: The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and The Economist. It also provides U.S. News & World Report, Foreign Affairs, The Nation, MIT’s Technology Review, BusinessWeek, Forbes, The New England Journal of Medicine, Reason, The New Republic, and a bunch more. Note that you cannot get Kindle magazines in your Kindle iPad app. You must use a Kindle. 17. Weight.
The iPad weighs about a pound and a half. That is a bit on the heavy side for very long reading periods where you are holding up the device. The Kindle, however, weighs only 10.2 ounces.
18. Multiple users.
I will tell you what every iPad owner knows already: Everybody wants to “borrow” your iPad (especially young children). So stop using it to do some reading after you have family or friends around. No one will leave you alone. If you have both devices, you can give your iPad and read on your Kindle.
19. Multitasking.
There are a great number of instances where two devices are better than one. If you are a writer of any kind, it is good to have source material on the Kindle as you write on the iPad. If you are watching TV on the iPad, you can also skim a newspaper on the Kindle. If you are a fan (sports, movies—whatever ), it is great to watch something on TV ( World Series, Oscars, etc. ) and check out trivia and facts on Wikipedia or the Internet generally or in your own book collection with the Kindle without interrupting the show.
20. Auto-reader.
The Kindle has a computer voice that reads books, magazines and newspapers to you. Some people find it upsetting. But some people find it quite useful. If I am in the middle of a great book and have to do something at home, I will just plug my Kindle into the speaker system and allow the computer voice read to me.